Losanika frequently asked questions by our clients

1. Losanika products can be used on any skin type- oily, dry or sensitive?

Losanika’s cosmetic products are mostly phytonutrient active ingredients that are collected directly from plants with the idea to not use all synthetic ingredients in its products, which naturally helps maintain the skin looking healthier.

2. My Friend recommended me Losnika’s products for my three year old child. What products of Losanika’s can you use on a three year old?

The basic product such as Aloe Calendula citrus, Nourishing Firming cream with Aloe and Vitamin E and Shower Gel body wash & shampoo from aloe. These products are recommended because they don’t have to many synthetics ingredients in them and use a lot of nutrients i.e. (honey, aloe, etc.) from plants.

3. I like to visit my professional esthetician in the summer, are Losanika Peels safe at this time of year?

Our peels are derived from biotechnology which limits the production of synthetic assets and chemical solvents which can be aggressive on the skin, making it safer and allowing it to be applied on sensitive skin and warmer seasons of the year. Always following the recommendations of the professional. In traditional peeling more side effects and irritations can occur than with biotechnological or “green” peels.

4. I ​​suffer from extremely dry skin on my body to the point of being irritated the only thing that helps me is pure Aloe Vera applied directly to my skin. What product does losanika recommend for me to use?

Aloe Vera moisturizes, restores lost fluids, helps tissue repair and regenerates cells. It is one of the best allies of the hydrolipidic barrier.  Therefore LOSANIKA uses pure aloe juice as a carrier in all its products by replacing part of the water formulation. You can use almost all of Losanika’s products because they are all formulated with a high concentration of Aloe Vera juice.

5. My friend gave me a Biogel aloe skin defense for oily skin, my skin is healthy but a little greasy and I don’t want it to look shiny I ‘m 32 years old and I like to find out about the entire home care system Losanika is offering to keep me nourished and toned.

For this type of skin you need: Rinse Cleanser & Moisturizer with aloe and honey, Balancing & Hydrating toner with cypress tree oil – it will eliminate traces of makeup, Fruit Acid Primer A.H.A. 10 – soft peel that prepares the skin and controls the pore. Biogel aloe skin defense - oil free moisturizer decongestants, and even better it contains fruit acids which help stimulate the shedding of cells and absorb excess oil from the pores.

Recommended using exfoliating coffee scrub with aloe and honey once a week on face for oily skin it will free you from the shiny appearance and the presence of comedones.

6. I own a Spa and I would like to always include a deep exfoliation step for my clients, a colleague recommended Losanika Coffee Scrub. I wonder if it is safe for skin with a high to moderate sensitivity?

Yes, it is safe because Losanika Exfoliating Coffee Scrub does not have synthetic beads like most srubs do. Losanika’s coffee scrub contains exfoliating coffee granules combined with organic coffee, pure aloe juice extract and honey, making it a therapeutic exfoliation allowing to regenerate, tone and restore skin health.

It is recommended that a gentle exfoliation once a week on normal skin and once every three weeks on dry for skin super sensitive mix coffee scrub with Losanika’s milk cleanser & moisturizer.

7. I would like to know what are the advantages of using Losanika products in comparison to other skin care brands that claim to be Natural?

Losanika phyto cosmetics works with high concentration of essential oils and plants such as Aloe Vera, olive oil, sesame oil, shea  butter, coconut amino acids, chamomile, calendula (marigold), ivy and other  herbs and plants, which comes from different geographical areas. In this way we can get products for moisturizing and strengthening our hair, skin, wrinkles, acne, cellulite, allergies and also relaxing (essential oils) which contains high purity of plants, herbs and no artificial elements.

8. I wonder if losanika products are safe while pregnant? I am 5 months pregnant and was told to be careful with chemicals.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes hormonal revolutions full of peaks and declines which unfortunately cause a number of symptoms associated with pregnancy. Hormones can also change the appearance of the skin.

This is why it is important to maintain an adequate skin care regimen and highly important to use natural skin care products that are nourishing, regenerating and protecting like Losanika skin care products.

Avoid cosmetic products containing chemical exfoliates such as salicylic acid, glycolic and retinoids. Instead use the coffee scrub with aloe which contains very mild scrubbers, Nourishing Firming Cream with aloe and vitamin e to hydrate the entire body and on the facial area use our BioGel Aloe Phyto Treatment for dry skin or BioGel Aloe Skin Defense for oily skin and after apply a sunscreen.

9. I used Losanika nutritional serum with Ylang Ylang essential oil but I read that it also contains DMAE and Hyaluronic Acid, I would like to know the skin benefits of these two ingredients which I do not know. 

LOSANIKA serums are formulated with a high concentration of components and its immediate absorption, regenerating, firming, antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle is for a deep anti-aging skin treatment. Apply day or night before applying a nourishing moisturizer or sunscreen. Producing components that have a long term effect.

DMAE: has a lifting effect helps tone the skin providing a firmer and younger looking. DMAE is used topically to reduce fine lines. .

Hyaluronic Acid: super long lasting moisturizer that traps water in the skin. Forms a bio-film, softens and improves skin complexion. Protects the skin from free radicals and from solar effects.

10. I have some spots on my forehead and my esthetician told me 3 sessions conducted with LOSANIKA peels gets excellent results. Which product do you recommend for the spots do not come back?

Losanika Daily Home Routine Treatment for spots

Day time Application: Daily facial cleansing routine and nutrition with Losanika rinse cleanser or Losanika Milk cleanser: On clean skin, apply BioGel Aloe Phyto Treatment for dry skin or BioGel Aloe Skin Defense for oily skin with tapping movements until absorbed and then apply a sunscreen. After wear makeup if desired.

Nightly Application: at night evenly apply Losanika Fruit Acid Primer A.H.A. 10 on entire face and neck except on the eyelids. You may notice a slight tingling during absorption, which gradually disappears. Let it absorb and apply a generous layer of Losanika’s Anti-Age Whitening Cream with Dermawhite and Aloe on pigmented areas and leave on overnight. In the morning remove with cold water and apply sunscreen.

Every two weeks scrub the pigmented area with Losanika’s Exfoliating Coffee Scrub with organic coffee bio granules.

Daily use sunscreen constantly and use BioGel Aloe Phyto Treatment for dry skin or BioGel Aloe Skin Defense for oily skin

Daily Cleaning: daily facial cleansing. Normal Skin - Dry: Milk Cleanser & Moisturizer with Propolis. Oily and / or Acneic: Rinse Cleanser & Moisturizer.

Reinforcement: Vitamin C Mask with Honey - clarifier / antioxidant, apply and leave on at night 2 times a week after cleansing. Additionally, it is recommended to continue treatment with the "Vegeles A.H.A. 50 Fruit Acid Peel” applied only by a trained professional esthetician.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum & Niacinamide: Losanika Ylang Ylang serum or Losanika Rose serum is recommended to complement during depigmentation treatments.